Customer Interaction and Engagement

Websites provide fantastic opportunities for businesses to engage with customers from the very first encounter they have with your company. An engaging and interactive website enables you to provide a richer experience for your customers, and it’s important to consider such aspects when building and designing your site, and the CMS platform that will support it.

Many modern sites provide a number of avenues for customers to interact more directly with your business. Our years of experience working with customers across a wide range of industries allows our designers and developers to work with you to create a site that will capture the imagination of your customers, and enable more direct and effective communication with them.

  • Enable clients to easily find and comment on your content
  • Capture people's imagination with creative use of graphics and flash movies
  • Make it easy for people to provide feedback on your site
  • Directly engage with clients. Services such as Twitter are excellent for talking directly to customers

These are just a few areas where investing time and thought into how you want to engage with you clients can reap rewards. Making use of new technologies, such as social networking and Twitter, provide new avenues to communicate with clients, and many of these services can be integrated directly into websites through the use of a good CMS.

Raving Mad About works with clients across a range of industries, and with new and upcoming technologies on a daily basis. Our exposure to this range of services allows us to advise you better on what can benefit your business and your customers.

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