Ensuring your employees can communicate effectively is a vital aspect of any business. By keeping people in the loop, and enabling rapid sharing of information, your business can operate more effectively.

Intranet solutions provide a platform for your business to build around, by facilitating this information distribution.

Many businesses find themselves dealing with the same issues. Massive amounts of information, in the form of emails, documents, paper-based correspondence, and much more. As a business develops and grows, the management of these various information types becomes a more time consuming process. And with this size and complexity comes a myriad of issues. These can be problems such as:

  • Large, cluttered shared document drives
  • Multiple document versions spread across multiple PCs
  • Misplaced or deleted emails
  • No control over document alterations or their history

On top of these issues, ensuring everyone within your business gets the very latest information can be difficult. Email is becoming an increasing hard to manage medium of communication. And relying on everyone in the office being around to be told information is unreliable at best.

With Intranet solutions such as Microsoft SharePoint, Raving Mad About can build a platform for your business that bring together these strands into one, central location that's easier to manage and maintain.

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