Communicating with suppliers and clients is an important aspect of any business. Extranet solutions cover a range of applications for enabling your business to better communicate with partners directly.

No two solutions are the same, and with years of experience developing unique extranet solutions for our clients, Raving Mad About is well placed to help ensure you get a system that enables your business to better interact with your suppliers and clients.

Extranet solutions enable your business to do many things including:

  • Share documents and information with external suppliers and clients
  • Provide branded, personalized portals for individual companies
  • Tightly control information access
  • Offer customized, direct training in cooperation with external partners
  • Monitor and communicate with suppliers and clients more rapidly and directly
  • Collaborate on projects

Our extranet solutions, based around Microsoft SharePoint, provide customized solutions that enable your business to securely and effectively interact with partners. Contact us to find out how we can help.

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